Some Tips on Surviving Multiple Dogs in Your Home

Some Tips on Surviving Multiple Dogs in Your Home

Taking care of one dog is more than enough work but living with multiple dogs is that much more work.  Having multiple dogs can be overwhelming you have that much more food to buy, that much more dog hair and you can multiply the number of “little accidents” to clean up after.  While having dogs is very rewarding, you can feel very outnumbered at times.  You want to be able to look after your pets properly so here are some tips on surviving multiple dogs in your home.

You need to be the Alpha of the Pack

Your dogs are pack animals and they need you to be the alpha of the pack.  The leader is one that they love and respect so you need to establish leadership.  Let them understand that you are the source of love, food, treats, toys and even attention.  You can reward their good behaviour with any of those things.  Giving attention or treats when they behave well encourages them to continue to do so.  Don’t reward bad behaviour, that means that when the barking starts you need to show your disapproval.

Give them their own space

While your dogs are pack animals there will come a time that they want some alone time, just like you do.  Even the most social of creatures want some quiet time so you need to provide them with such a space.  Each dog needs food, water, toys and a dog bed to sleep on.  With each dog having their own space it reduces fighting amongst the pack.  Dogs are not so different from small children.

Give your dogs lots of exercise

If you have a breed that has high energy and your dogs have nothing to do that’s when they start tearing your house apart.  You need to make sure that they get adequate amounts of exercise, give them plenty to do and spend time with your dogs.  Your dogs need your attention, it stimulates them mentally and physically.  Remember a bored dog is a destructive dog.  You can also get them working together as a team.

Always let your dogs know that you love them but also that you’re in charge.  Don’t play favorites and that is easier said than done, but playing favorites will cause you problems down the road.  Dogs are wonderful animals but they can cause enormous amounts of chaos if they don’t see you as the alpha or are bored then they will cause problems.

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